Super Mario Bros. 2

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Reviewer: Seth Koopa Date: Aug 29, 2005
The sequel to the groundbreaking 'Super Mario bros' was, I feel sure, not at all what anyone was expecting. And that's for a reason; it was originally a Japanese game called 'Doki doki panic' and had no relation to Mario at all. All that Nintendo of America did was change the sprites for the main characters, and voila, they had a Mario game.

So that is the answer to the mystery of the surprisingly different (and much less popular, unless I'm much mistaken) Mario universe appearing here. For me, personally, a Mario game without Bowser isn't a Mario game, but this game is nonetheless a true classic and, undeniably, great fun to play.

Graphics: 9
After the original Super Mario bros., I bet people were taken with this new game's more refined sprites and backgrounds. The environments are more alive than ever, and the bosses are very well rendered as well. The graphics definitely do their job well.

Sound: 9
This new 'Mario' music is very addictive. In fact, unless I'm much mistaken, most of the tunes have been used, in some form, in the awful 'Super Mario bros. super show' cartoons. The music suits the dreamland of the game well, but, as ever, manages to direct the mood into your blood, whether the main stage tune or the boss battle tune. Nice job, though it doesn't really feel 'Mario', if you catch my drift.

Gameplay: 9
It wasn't enough that 'Super Mario bros. 2' had very different graphics and music from its forerunner - it was nothing like the original 'Super Mario bros.' in gameplay, either. The game allows you to choose between four characters for each of the worlds' three (with exceptions) levels; Mario, Luigi, Toad or Princess Toadstool. Each character comes witht their own strengths and weaknesses, making selecting the appropriate character vital to completing each level successfully. And then again, if you're really good, you can choose any of them and still pass through all the levels.

This new game sees Mario and his friends entering a dreamland called Subcon; the land of dreams. They must defeat the evil Wart, who has made Subcon a land of bad dreams. Doesn't sound Mario-ish, but then again, the change of pace might be a good thing.

Some of the worls may be similar in look, but never in feel - take worlds 2 and 6. Both are desert worlds, yet both feel so different that there isn't really an air of repeat over them.

There are seven worlds you must battle through (unless, of course, you want to take shortcuts...). All but the last world include three levels; world 7 has two. In the final level of each world, you must steal a key from a guardian (in form a theater-like mask) and race an obstacle course to escape through a door before he catches up with you. Those were the parts that terrified me most when I was a kid. Anyway, once through the door, you must battle a boss. The boss of world 5, Crawgrip, is my favourite, but all have a very strong presence.

The final world is without a doubt the most challenging. The second of the world's two levels is a stronghold that you must navigate your way through. And rest assured, you can get lost. So there is a great feeling of exploration over parts of the game.

There is loads more I could talk about, but I feel I've expressed my point well enough - if you're thirsty for more, check on the game.

Overall: 9
While not a very 'Mario'-ish games (in my opinion, anyway), but a great game all the same that holds much imagination and great challenges. Funny how a game that held no relation to Mario at all turned into a Mario game. Anything's possible, I guess.

I consider this game more a Mario 'feature' than a Mario 'game', because how un-Mario-ish the universe is. Oh well.


Reviewer: Jigsaw Date: Oct 16, 2001
Super Mario Bros. 2 is another must have, must play classic that set the standards for future games to come on all systems. With help from Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Toadstool, your goal is to get through the land of Subcon and save the Subcons.

I absolutely love this game. You'll even occasionally catch me playing it at school to pass the time. The sound and music are great for their time, but the gameplay is what will hook you. And believe me, it will hook you; I've been hooked for well over ten years now. Almost no game from the NES era can compare.

You may notice that this game has almost nothing to do with its predecessor, Super Mario Bros. There is a reason for this. This really isn't a Mario game!! That's right, this game was bought from a Japanese company that had already released 'their version' in Japan. The REAL Super Mario Bros. 2, the one we all know as the ""Lost Levels"", is really the sequel to Super Mario Bros. Nintendo of America didn't feel that it would appeal very well to its North American fans due to its lack of 'innovation'. So they bought the Japanese game ""Doki Doki Panic"" and changed the characters as well as some of the elements in the game. And it worked out very well for them. If you want to see the differences between the two games, get a hold of the ""Doki Doki Panic"" ROM and an emulator that supports the Famicom Disk System and give them a try. There are a few noticable differences.


Reviewer: Venom Date: Oct 7, 2001
This was the long awaited sequel to perhaps the most famous game in history. needless to say, that's a tough act to follow. but, somehow, nintendo has shown us again. they drastically improved upon mario bros. formula. new additions include worlds that greatly differ, much better boss battles, and the addition of character select. Gameplay changes here, too. You no longer kill the baddies by bouncing on their heads, this allows for more strategic gameplay. The graphics are definitely improved, as well as are the sounds. gameplay, im afraid, isnt on the same level as it's older brother, and that's why it got an 8 for total.


Reviewer: Chris(M) Date: Sep 7, 2001
Funny nobody's reviewed this yet.

Graphics: Quite nice. But some of the sprites could use more animation.

Sound: Still as good as ever. Enough said.

Gameplay: Choice of character? That's unique for an NES game!

Overall: The storyline is different, so here goes: Your job is to stop Wart, a huge frog, who has been invading dreams (sounds like a kirby game) and you, naturally, have to stop him. No goombas, though. Instead, there's Shy guys, tweeters, and Pigets.