Super Mario Bros. 3

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Reviewer: Seth Koopa Date: Apr 17, 2005
Super Mario Bros. 3 was and still is to this day one of the classic NES games. I got it when I was about five or six, and was hooked on it from the first day. It's one of the true NES masterpieces; not only is it great fun and challenging, it's also very imaginative and creative.

Graphics: 9
One of the finest use of NES graphics ever seen. The eight worlds are all as diverse as the many places on earth, ranging from grassy fields to deserts, from ice lands to lands of fire, from water worlds to worlds in the sky - you get the idea. Bowser and his kids are all very well rendered as well.

Sound: 9
The music is as diverse as the worlds. It may be just 'stroll-in-the-park', to a music box tune that's really catchy. Every tune fits the setting perfectly. The tunes for each world are wonderfully catchy, and the final battle music is excellent.

Gameplay: 10
Who can fail to enjoy this? This game is so addictive and challenging that you keep coming back for more. It's also HUGE, and will take the whole day to beat - too bad there isn't a password feature. Personally, I've never found the idea of Bowser having children a good one, but the simple truth is that this game offers such variety as to suit almost every taste, not to put too fine a point on it. The worlds are all so versatile that you will, whether consciously or not, at least form a favourite 'something' while playing. The only downside is that the Princess' letters make no sense whatsoever as you progress through the game, but that is only a very minor flaw at best.

Overall: 10
One of the true classics for the NES; a masterpiece of imagination and gameplay, to say nothing of the music. It captivates and motivates my imagination, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it's done the same for others.

Make sure you have the whole day unscheduled ahead of you - this game demands you to have a lot of spare time on your hands.


Reviewer: Kirby Date: Apr 20, 2003
This is it. The game that tested Nintendo's limits.
Super Mario Bros. 3 is, well... THE GREATEST NINTENDO GAME OF ALL TIME!!!!!!! I grew up with this game, playing it since age 3, and I have loved every second of it. This game displays some of the best graphics and sound on the NES, and the gameplay and replay value is outstanding!

Graphics: 10
These graphics are so good, that if you looked at the earliest Nintendo games, you'd wonder how the creators of the NES didn't realize it's true potential earlier. The characters are very detailed, and most have multiple colors and frames. The levels have extreme variety, and range from colorful grasslands to icy caves. There is hardly any image breakup or slowdown at all.

Sound: 10
The sound effects are simple, yet there are so many in the game that you can always expect to hear something new. Mario makes a flapping noise with his raccoon suit tail when he flies, and of course has his classic jumping noise. Some of the noises sound very similar to the first Super Mario Bros., such as the squishing noises when you stomp an enemy. The music is wonderful, always with a nice pace to it (or spooky music in a castle). If you play as many years as I have, you might find yourself humming along with the music.

Gameplay: 10
This is no doubt the best aspect of the game. The controls are responsive and easy to learn, and some movements take years to master.
You can play with a friend and do a 2-player simultaneous game, in which you find yourself in the classic Mario Bros. level, trying to collect more coins than your friend by destroying baddies.
You can also trade cards to help each other get 1-ups, or discard unwanted cards. Don't play this game by yourself; it will go much faster.

Overall: 10
This is truly a must have game, and I still play it on my Nintendo.
After playing it for years, I also play the remake on the Super Nintendo (Super Mario All Stars), though nothing will replace the classic. If you haven't experienced Super Mario Bros. 3, then do yourself a favor and play the greatest Nintendo game ever.

I have mastered this game so much, I have found secrets such as all the warp whistles, the "Mole Mario" levels, and the ultra-secret Super 1-up Tone.


Reviewer: Sam Date: Mar 8, 2003
Well, I recently just downloaded this game...big mistake! I should've gotten this game when my SNES worked! This game should be re-made...well, it wouldn't live up to today's standards of "You won't EVER lose" gameplay...but that's why this game is great: because you just keep on coming back for more. I literally died 20 times on the FIRST level in the first world...and I kept on coming back! Now, onto the review. All the ratings are not biased towards today's too-realistic graphics, mind you, that I will be putting up.

Graphics: 10
Wow. When I started this puppy up, I thought I downloaded an SNES game by accident, because this thing looks AMAZING! The graphics are incredible, and the animations are just as breath taking. These graphics are comparable to SNES, which is trully a feat.

Sound: 8
Ok, I'll ask you this: who DOESN'T like Mario Music (and, yes, both should be capitalized)? This stuff is just great, that really get you going. And the sound effects are good as well. The grade is more of an 8.5, because the music is repetitive. Still good though!

Gameplay: 10
Ok, since "100" wasn't a choice, I guess 10 will have to do. This game is INCREDIBLE! I've never had more fun with a game in my life ever! EVER. 'Nuff said.

Overall: 9
Just because of the sound, this game is getting a 9.9, not a ten, though. If the sound was better, this sucker would be getting a perfect ten. Alas, it's just only NEAR perfection.

Have an NES console? Find this game. Have an NES emulator? Download this game. Don't know what and emulator is? Than why the hey-high-ho are you here?


Reviewer: Venom Date: Oct 9, 2001
I have one word for you, amazing. That's what this little gem is. It takes the best elements from Mario Bros. the best from Mario Bros. 2, adds even more goodies and makes the perfect formula. Gone, is the pick up and throw technique of Mario 2, this game returns to it's roots. It has loads of levels and items to collect. The graphics are the best on the system, no doubt. The sounds fit the mood for every level and world in the game. Nintendo hit the nail on the head in the gameplay department with Mario Bros. so it makes sense that they bring it back for this 2D wonder. Overall, this game is THE best available on the system. Anyone can pick it up, but it'll take a strong will and nerves of steel to beat it. That's my only gripe, NO SAVES. You'll have to sit for an unbearable amount of time, which 99% of gamers just cant handle, to beat this, but the ending makes it all worthwhile...find a copy of this masterpiece, NOW!


Reviewer: Jaime Griffin Date: Jul 15, 2001
I gotta say, man, this is just about THE best NES game out there. It's huge, it's fun to play, and there's like 3 secrets every level, which means it has long-lasting appeal. I am still finding out new shortcuts today! When Super Mario World came out for the Super NES, everyone was yapping about how it was the best Mario game ever, but everyone beat it in a week and went back to playing Mario three. It was just a more challenging, and an overall better game. Granted this game could be beaten in about one and a half hours (Or twenty minutes with a warp whistle) if you race through it, but to get EVERY secret it would take you about five hours minimum.

As well, there is a surprise waiting for you at every corner. Who would have thought of a giant sun in world 2, or a giant fish trying to eat you in world 3? What genuis thought up a giant reptile turning a king into a spider? That's right, none other than Japan's favourite cokehead, the world's richest junkie, Shigeru Miyamoto. Next time someone tells you shrooms mess you up, just tell him about Miyamoto's legendary halleucinations that made him famous. Tell them about how he dropped acid and invented Bowser. Tell him about the story of a man whose acid halleucinations took him from being a bum buying liquor for kids for crack money to a wildly succesful president of a enormous global organization. Only in japan...

Anyways, a good game that is a must download if you download only one game this year.

-Jaime Griffin

P.S. Just for the record, that story about Miyamoto is complete B.S.


Reviewer: Ultima-X Date: Jun 18, 2001
This is the Ultimate Mario adventure. Tons of power ups, great gameplay and many levles. This is the game that i grew up with.And untill this day its still as fun as every.
After each of the 8 worlds you encouter a boss before you advance to the next world. The leveles keep getting more fun as they go along. Water, land, deserts snow feilds,you name it, this game will take your there!
The gameplay is a enhanced verion of Super Mario Bros. Now you can pick up shells, and wall backwards into the begining of a stage. Also there is a world map this time.Which cotains many mini games like the Toad house, A meomory game and much more!
If you are into 2-D platformers look no futher. This is the one that cant be beat. SMB3 is even better tham SMW!