Sweet Home

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Reviewer: Truce Date: Sep 14, 2003
Sweet Home is a masterpiece. It is probabily the best NES game I've ever played

Graphics: 9
The graphics at first seem average, but as soon as you see one of the death animations you will never look at normal NES graphics again.

Sound: 8
The sound is extreemly freaky. It really lets you know the environments you're in arn't filled with puppys and kittens. My only gripe is the battle theme. While it really sets a mood of tension without being over the top, it makes a jaws-like intro that makes it SUPER anoying.

Gameplay: 10
This is THE scariest game I can think of. The Resident Evil games seem like childs play compared to this tale of terror. Even saying all of that, you'll want to keep playing right 'till the climatic end. Just make sure you bring your teddy bear to bed.

Overall: 9
My favorite NES game. If you give it a shot it will be yours too.


Reviewer: Chris Williams Date: Jun 23, 2001
This game is awesome. I can't believe it never came to the states. Think Final Fantasy meets Resident Evil. This game is pure genious, unlike me, who can't spell genious.