Tecmo Cup: Soccer Game

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Reviewer: paul Date: Jul 24, 2002
This isn't FIFA World cup soccer game, but more like Soccer RPG/Sim type. You control players but not in action sequence, but in RPG style type where you command actions and moves intead.

my first reaction was.. ""what the.."" then, ""oh.."" to ""wow.. cool""
It's a catchy game with bit of a cheesy story, but it's NES game made long long time ago, but still a VERY entertaining and addictive game.

Graphics: 8
We're judging this game as NES graphic standards, not PSX2 or X-box.. and for NES game, graphic is superb (though bit cheesy)!

Sound: 7
Again.. for NES standard, it ok.. I usually play my MP3 instead so..

Gameplay: 9
One of the most original and entertaining game I have played so far.. I'll go far as even say, it's actually better than some of the games from PSX 2 or X-box.

Overall: 9
It's great concept. I think other sports game companies should look at this and try to invent more RPG/Sim type of sports games. That is why MAdden football is so succefull!

This game is sweet! Just give it a try.. play it couple times until you get hang of it, then you'll be hooked~! Game gets even better after you win the 1st part and your team moves to junior world cup league.. MAn, then you'll see why this game is PHAT!