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Reviewer: T-Clem Date: Nov 27, 2005
When one waxes nostalgic concerning the greatest games on the most fun system of all time -- the NES -- several titles always find their way near the top. These include Super Mario Bros. 3, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!!, and The Legend of Zelda. A fine collection, no doubt, but it's possible that no game has been more ahead of its time and just flat-out better than Tecmo Super Bowl. The fantasy and adventure games are all good and well, but for a sports fan, nothing beats TSB.

Graphics: 8
Okay, so the graphics aren't going to be perfect... this is the NES. And it's not the best game graphic-wise on NES, but the in-game graphics are more than adequate and the cut scenes are revolutionary. And menu screens, stat sheets, and the "year-in-review"? Timeless.

Sound: 10
It was probably 10 years before I found out there was a sound test on this game, and if I had known that before then, I would have never gotten any homework done. This game has music that only Mario and Link can compete with, and it has probably more variety than them. With different music for various game modes, users, and situations (there's even different music for a TD run and a TD pass), there seems to be no end to any of the sounds you will hear in this game. And that doesn't even take into account the sound effects... another story in itself. The sound effects are, like so much more of the game, timeless. The whistle, the firing of the football, and -- everyone's favorite -- "TOUCHDOWN!!!" There can be no other.

Gameplay: 10
As good as the sound is, it would not bring me back year after year to play some more. I do not know if I can ever give any other game a 10 in Gameplay because there are no games that can be considered an equal to TSB's gameplay. From changing the line-ups to knowing the vast difference between Steve Grogan and Joe Montana, the genius of the game shines in the fact that nothing gets old. Very often it becomes a game of anticipation -- pick right and you're in the driver's seat; pick wrong and you're watching the other team drive down the field underneath you or past you. So suddenly it also becomes the greatest strategy game of all time.

If you're a relatively average player, then the challenges in the game are always there and not hard to find. As you play it over... and over... and over again, winning a normal game isn't always that hard, but there's always a challenge to create for yourself, like seeing if you can go undefeated in a season without throwing one pass or vice versa (it can be done) or seeing what inhumane number of yards you can rack up with a guy like Bo Jackson running, Joe Montana (with the help of unstoppable recievers) or Warren Moon passing, or Randall Cunningham (aka QB Eagles) doing both.

While some may argue that playing with certain people makes the game not fair, isn't that how football really is? I mean, who beat the Steelers in the 70's, the Niners in the 80's, or the Cowboys in the 90's? Not as many teams as beat the Cardinals, that's for sure. Play your perfect little Madden game now and see if you don't run roughshod over opponents with the Patriots, or Colts for offensive-minded people. I honestly don't even believe that, though, because in my years and years and years of playing this game, with all but a tiny handful of times as the Philadelphia Eagles, I can only think of about four losses, and the one that sticks out in my mind the most was against the Cincinnati Bengals -- not exactly a perfect team.

And while most of the game is realistic (real teams, real players, real plays, injuries -- although the run back from the hospital is less than realistic -- and no power-ups or anything crazy like that), there are a few over-the-top nonsenses that make the game fun, NES-style. These include the good ol' 120-yard Hail Mary (but it's not like there's a special button for it) and the elasticity of Bo Jackson's legs and Ottis Anderson's embarrassing ability to run over your defender and the old "no one in sight for 30 yards, OH WAIT here comes

Overall: 10
This review was accidentally cut short. Appologies to the reviewer for losing the end of their review.


Reviewer: Phoenix Shredds Date: Nov 20, 2002
This game is one of the most timeless games of all time. When I started playing it around 7 or 8 years old, I would sit and play through seasons over and over, as well as simulate them. The sheer fact that in the early 90's, on the NES, you could actually have fully tracked stats on the real players and teams of the NFL was amazing at the time. The addiction this game has held upon me for some 11 years is above any other video game I have ever played.

Graphics: 8
On an NES scale, the graphics are excellent during cutscenes (which have purpose during gameplay, a first for NES) but the gameplay graphics themselves have a ton of breakup and sometimes players tend to virtually disappear for brief moments, but it's not so bad that you will be too distracted from it. (unless you're a newb to the game) The pace of the game is excellent as it never slows down, even while having 22 players on the field at all times, and a lot of things going on during play. (for an NES at least) The cinema scenes are awesome for the NES, so in that aspect Tecmo utilized the NES' limited graphical power to a high level.

Sound: 10
What can I say about the sound in this game? Let's see, 2 words, groundbreaking and timeless. The variation of rockin tunes during play (which varry depending on Exibition, regular season, playoffs and pro bowl, as well as 1st and 2nd player) are excellent for the NES. Some of the many tunes on this game are very catchy and even at times addicting. The song played during the post-game stat sheet is so catchy and almost good in reality that you could sit there and not press a button and just listen to it over and over. I know it sounds sad, an adult sitting there listening to an NES song over and over, but hey, it is such a great timeless song that if you don't have any memories with it as I do, you will surely make some if you play this game. The gameplay effects are excellent, unparralleled on the NES. From before the snap hearing your quarterback yell ""Ready? Down! HUT HUT HUT"" to the grunts of the players to the little shooting sound of firing the ball to your star WR and the sound when he catches it and charges into the endzone as you hear ""TOUCHDOWN!"" with the crowd cheering is so far ahead of it's time that it is mind boggling. (not really, but it was way ahead of it's time) Simply put, a perfect 10 on sound.

Gameplay: 10
The bread and butter of Tecmo Superbowl, the ever addicting gameplay. Who needs shoulder buttons and analog stick to pull special moves? Do it manually with the direction pad and timing skills! The simple layout of controls on this game may seem limited, but the vast majority of moves you can make in the heat of the fast paced battle are endless. Want to juke your opponent out of his shoes? Do it. Want to run over your opponent like he's a girl? Give it to your fullback and tap A as fast as you can. Want throw a bomb to Jerry Rice? Shuffle through the receivers and hit B before Reggie White gets angry and eats Joe Montana for breakfast. My personal favorite is QB Eagles (though I am a Niner fan). Specifically playing human opponents, it is a blast to have them guessing ""Is he gonna run or pass?! Run or pass?!"" Running around with that green blur of a quarterback (who has an excellent throwing arm as well) is a blast as you can trick your opponent out of his shoes. I could go on and on with the gameplay of this game, but I'll sum it up simply. For the NES, this game is a fast, competetive, addictive, sometimes even strategic adrenaline rush. No sports games have ever had the type of addictive, competetive gameplay as TSB.

Overall: 10
From the three man leap match for the high pass cinema, to the quarterback sack cinema, to the rush of making that perfect last second move to squeaze into the endzone and head that great ""TOUCHDOWN!"" this game will have any NES football fan addicted for life. Guaranteed. This game has all the goods. The full 1991 NFL roster, full stat tracking for all teams and players, division and conference battles through the regular season, playoffs, and the allmighty superbowl (with a special halftime show) to the probowl, what more can you ask for? Good gameplay? How about GREAT gameplay, with the only drawback being the limit of using 1 player on defense, but hey, if you use the best guy on the defense, you'll be alright most of the time. The sound, the visuals, the sheer numbers and anything else I havnt mentioned get the player caught up into this virtual NES 1991. Sometimes I have to think and remember ""Wow, Joe Montana is retired..."" Pure addiction is this games ""true"" title.

This game is #1 on my all-time list. Now I wouldn't expect somebody to come along now, play it for the first time and then decide it is their favorite of all time, but those of us who have been around since the early days know, this is what started it all. Not Madden, nothing else. Tecmo, the allmighty.

P.S. QB Browns bites! QB Eagles will fly circles around him and eat him for breakfast! hahaha


Reviewer: Alex Date: May 12, 2002
In my opinion, the greatest game ever. Ask any hardcore football fan whose played it and they will same the same. Its probably the first football game made where you can play a season with any team in the league, all the real players and stats, a full season w/the playoffs and the opportunity to play with all teams if you wanted to. 2 of my brothers and I used to pick 4 teams a piece (2 total in each division so we could have divisional rivalries and take up all the playoff spots) and we'd play that game 24/7 or until the game just wouldnt work again. The only problem with that was the NES would always mess up and you had to blow in it and that never worked that great and of course that would erase our season and then we'd start all over again and again and again. And of course never ever get tired of it.

Graphics: 10
The Graphics for this game are truelly amazing for its time. The way all the players move and fluidity of the game are unsurpassed by any I have ever seen on the NES. The first time I ever saw this game I was hooked on it and that was 11 years ago. You might not think it deserves a 10 in this category, but think back to how games were on the NES. You control one guy and they all move the same way like bases loaded, everyone just bunches up together like John Elways Quarterbach (never did understand why they spelled it with an H)you can actually tell the guys apart on TSB, and its the one of the first games i've seen where they actually had black players too (tecmo bowl probably being the first).

Sound: 10
The sound for this game is phenomenal. They have music for different types of games (ie. regular season, postseason, all-star game) and it changes so much throughout the game it just stays in your head. So many times I will be sitting there doing something else and my mind will be playing the music that is played during the course of the game and I can't get it out of my mind for anything. All the different sounds and music make this 8-bit game actually seem complex.

Gameplay: 10
On a scale of 1-10 how do I rate this game? About 1 million. This game is simply amazing. I cannot find words to describe how extra-ordinary the gameplay for TSB is. I've been playing it for 11 years and not once have I gotten bored of it. The games they make today, with all the realistic graphic and everything are just boring to me. I might as well just watch football, because those games don't really exemplify the world of video games, which is a make-believe world. I don't want to play a realistic game, I want a game that is unrealistic which is what makes TSB so fun. Throwing bombs 120 yards, defenders who run 4 times faster than the offense (if a human controlled guy is running on offense anyways) and taking the nose tackle and getting a sack almost every play is what makes this game exciting. I love the idea that if you get beat, its not an automatic touchdown, your defense can still catch up. It gives the opportunity to take risks. Sure it sucks that you cannot change defenders in mid-play, but how cool is it to be able to almost get a sack, and then chase down jerry rice after he caught the ball 50 yards downfield? Things like that just make this game great and will keep you glued to it for hours on end guarenteed.

Overall: 10
Without a doubt a 10. Its still the best game i've ever seen. There's no game out there that can touch it, especially no football game.

If you are a football fan and you've played all those new football games like Madden and NCAA football for the new systems but have never played TSB on NES, you are definitely missing out. Play this game just once and if you are not hooked, im sorry, but your just not that big of a football fan because after this game, they should have never made another football game, its been downhill ever since TSB on NES. All I need to fulfill my video gaming needs is a NES that works and TSB and ill never take it out of the Nintendo so it cant get dusty:)


Reviewer: TSB 2003 GBA 4 EVER Date: Apr 24, 2002
This game was so far ahead of its time, its like, um, a time machine
baby! Seriously, this is absolutly, without a doubt, the best playing
game on the NES. Think about it- fast-paced gameplay combined with
the fun of the NFL? I actually prefer this game to the more arcadey
football games of today, such as Blitz. In fact, I think only Madden
can touch this game among all sports. Do yourself a favor: stop
reading this review and find a cartridge and play! What's that? It's
$20 used? Then just download the ROM! Really, go play. Just go.

Graphics: 8
Still reading, huh? All right,The one area where this game does not
completely dominate. While theincredible cutscenes do an excellent
job of illustrating the action,the actual in game playing field
can experience severe flicker, and some of the team colors seem to
be off. Other than these two minor problems, the graphics are

Sound: 9
Talk about breaking the mold! The tunes in this game blow everything
away for the NES. The boring beeps and boops of certain
older so called ""action packed"" NES football games (hack, cough, ahem,
NFL Football, ahem) are sent packing with the rockin' beats found in
TBS. The music is perfect for the action, and the sound effects do an
acceptable job of conveying the action. The only problem is that the
effects sometimes go mute or get mixed up, but if that's the only
problem, you know its great. Plus, who can beat the ""TOUCHDOWN"" call
for pure nostagia?

Gameplay: 10
Here is where this game truly shines. The controls are incredible,
attaining the exact balance between simplicity and complexity. No
special moves, you say? Perform your own, by juking up and down on
the pad, or hesitating and then heading for the hole in the line. Go
deep with authority, as the passing game is delightfully simple.
Punish the offense with devastating blitzes that are chosen the most
innovative playcalling system ever. NFL 2K could take some advice
from this, as its ovular play menu is almost as anal as trying
to play NES NFL Football without the instruction book. Plus, the
best part is the fun. My friends and I would simulate through a
season, praying that the scoreboard ticker would show a win. We would
then play through the playoffs, throwing controllers when we lost and
mocking our opponents when we won. The games were the perfect length
of time for the tournamet style play offered by TSB. Are you still
reading this? What the hell are you doing? Go play this game, dammit!

Overall: 10
What really adds to this game is the real NFL rosters and battery back
up. They add an entirely new feeling to sports and video games
respectively. I was torn between 9 and ten, but in the end the fact
that the battery backup on my cartridge still works, what is it, 11
years later, jacked up my score one more. At any rate, it's the best
NES game ever.

Well, moron, you read my whole review instead of playing the freaking
game. Go, now, or I'll make sure to put your name on my cult's list!
That's right, the TSB 2003 GBA cult. We're not stopping until we
force Tecmo to produce TSB 2003 for GBA, and you do not wanna be in
our way. GO, NOW, PLAY OR DIE. (And just remember, QB Browns
conquers all).


Reviewer: Venom Date: Oct 7, 2001
I can best describe this game in one word, AWESOME! This is by far the greatest football game i've ever played. It's twice as good as anything the SNES or Genesis can offer you. In fact, i order you, right now, run out and find a copy of this game. It has possibly the greatest graphics the nes ever saw, as well as the best sounds available on the 8-bit wonder. the gameplay is nothing short of perfect. It's easy to run, pass, sack, anything you can do in real football. you can even adjust the roster on the pro bowl teams! my main gripe, you cant switch players on the fly, and that sucks on defense. also, the cpu is a cheating bastard, you'll hate him. The teams arent balanced, either. i can guarantee you that you won't go to the super bowl with the dallas cowboys, it just won't happen. but, i that's the way it is in real football so i can't deduct for that. if you're serious about football, pick this one up, settle in, and get hooked, just dont let it's small flaws get to you, eventually, you'll find the right formula, and you'll be in heaven.


Reviewer: Nick Date: Oct 3, 2001
Wow, that is all ihave got so sayabout tecmo super bowl. I have been playing this game since it first came out. I have alwys been amazed at it. It the first game were you can use real players, play an awesome season, make your playbook, and run with Bo Jackson. I have never seen another football game good or as good as Tecmo Super Bowl. No other system will ever create a game like it. NES is old school but it will always be my favorite.


Reviewer: Chris Bowen Date: Jul 7, 2001
The sequal to one of the all-time greatest Nintendo games, Tecmo Super Bowl surpasses Tecmo Bowl in almost every way. This was one of the first games to utilize both the NFL and the NFLPA license, meaning that the rosters are accurate as of 1991 (the Giants were defending champs). Plus, the cimema's that got their start in other Tecmo games such as Tecmo Bowl and Ninja Gaiden actually impact gameplay, such as showing wether or not a pass is deflected, or if a field goal is good or not. This is the most innovative football game of it's time, and the best Tecmo Bowl game ever.