Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project

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Reviewer: Seth Koopa Date: Jun 18, 2005
I remember seeing this game in shops when I was a kid and aching to get it.

"Teenage mutant ninja turtles III: The Manhattan project" may look like "Teenage mutant ninja turtles II: The arcade game" (not that that's a bad thing), but the two games are substantially different.

Graphics: 8
The graphics definitely do their job well. The bosses' sprites are more detailed than they were in "TMNT II", and though I was more pleased with the way the Foot and co. moved in that game, everything that's displayed in this game is done good justice - although Bebop looks kind of scrawnier than he should.

Sound: 8
The music is quite catchy and easy to hum along to. Still, it just isn't as captivating and memorable as the soundtrack for "TMNT II". It isn't as powerful.

Gameplay: 9
As the turtles venture from Florida back to Manhattan, which has been sent into the sky by Shredder, they are assaulted by his henchmen, Foot and otherwise. The control system is nearly identical to the one in "TMNT II", so those who have played that game will feel right at home with this one. But this game hosts some new play features that distinguish it greatly from "TMNT II", nevertheless.

Firstly, whenever you lose a life, you can switch between turtles, or stick to the one you already chose. This is a great feature and one which "TMNT II" sorely lacked - in that game, once you picked your turtle, you had to stick with him throughout the entire game. This new system gives you the opportunity to utilize each turtle's strengths and weaknesses at particular points.

Another thing worth mentioning is that now, each turtle has their own special attack. These attacks are unique for each turtle, and all are guaranteed to take down any enemy they strike (aside from bosses, of course). But - and this is clever - using those special attacks costs you an energy point each time. This prevents you from using those special attacks to get through the game, as that would make it too easy. Sometimes, you are ready to make the sacrifice of an energy point. It is indeed, now and then, the best option in certain encounters.

As you travel from Florida to Manhattan, aside from the Foot you will meet with other familiar faces, such as Rocksteady and Bebop, and some new ones. The bosses in this game are very tough, even tougher than in "TMNT II", enhancing this game's effect as a definitive challenge. Now and then, you will even meet sub-bosses midway through levels.

Overall: 8
Not as memorable and impacting as "Teenage mutant ninja turtles II", but a very good game all the same, with plenty to offer those who like a challenge, TMNT fans or not.

Two closing thoughts of mine:

- Why is Rocksteady always the first boss in the games? Bebop is the third in this game.
- And what role does Splinter play in the game? He lives in the sewers of Manhattan, right?