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Reviewer: Regulus Date: Apr 1, 2009
Times of Lore is a huge game by NES standards. It employs an overhead view similar to the Legend of Zelda series, however, it does not display the world one cell at a time, rather, it "scrolls" through the world, which is quite a feat for the NES. The game revolves around a world who's king has gone missing, and the dukes are battling for control of the kingdom. You play as the questing hero determined to set things right. No surprise there, right?

Times of Lore, in my personal opinion, should simply be considered a "lite Ultima." It is certainly not as "deep" as many of the other R.P.G. games out there, but it is a quick play that will keep you entertained the entire way through. The game was originally designed for the Commodore 64, and the Nintendo Entertainment System is simply a port, a port that does not do the game true justice for its software accomplishments for its time. It also features a day to night transition, with different things only capable of happening at certain times of the day. (By that, I mean day or night.)

Graphics: 6
The graphics are not mind blowing, and the buildings employ a very funky drawing angle. Despite this, you are able to tell everything apart in the game, and they don't make you want to stab your eyes out in shear pain. I would simply say Average.

Sound: 4
The musical variations in this game are limited to three or four different themes. An over world theme is constantly playing and may drive you nuts if you hate repetition. The sound effects in the game are very simplistic, but they get the job done.

Gameplay: 7
The controls are a bit...awkward. Similar to Legend of Zelda, you are only able to move in 90 degree turns. A more impeding factor is that your character takes time to build up speed, so you cannot run from a starting position. There is an interface system that lets you interact with the world around you, and is used to pick up things from the game world. Fortunately, you simply have to hit B to attack, which would be quite annoying if it were tied to the interface. Overall, the game play is quite repetitive, in that, you simply kill everything you come across. But since it is the NES, I will forgive it.

Overall: 7
Overall the game isn't a complete fail, and plays quickly enough to not become a chore. However it is drawn out enough to be worthy of your time.

SO, if you have a good 4 hours on your hands and nothing better to do, take this game for a spin.

Be very careful of who you kill. You can kill anyone and everyone in this game, and it is possible to break the questline and get a "walking dead" scenario, in which you pretty much have to restart the entire game.