To the Earth

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Reviewer: Maxwell Vickers Date: Feb 7, 2006
To the Earth is literally THE hardest game I have ever played, and I've owned and/or heavily used every single gaming system to date except for the Atari *sadness*. Near as I can tell, the story seems to be something along the lines of "you were making a patrol through space when the human galaxy was invaded. Now, you must fight your way back home and hopefully save Earth from devastation at alien hands".

Graphics: 8
While a constant space backdrop is obviously less complicated than most, the graphics of the alien vessels (or whatever they are) are incredibly smooth for a game of this time, not to mention being colorful with being cartoon-ish.

Sound: 8
Though not perfect, the sound in this game gives you somewhat of a sense of realism in that if you listen carefully you can usually tell where your next enemies will come from. Plus, unlike other games, there are no constant annoying sounds that make you want to bludgeon yourself just to make the noise stop. And the background music certainly conveys a feeling of urgency and battle.

Gameplay: 10
This is, as I said, THE hardest game I have EVER played. To this day I have yet to beat it without some form of outside help *coughcheatcodescoughcough*. The enemy is numerous, insanely quick, and fairly intelligent for of game on the NES. This, Super C, and captain Skyhawk are still my most favourite NES games, to date.

Overall: 9
To the Earth was probably the main thing that got me into video games. In fact, if not for Super C, Captain Skyhawk, and this, I'd probaly be some stupid jock with buldging muscles, a great tan...a...girlfriend...and, uh...*sniff* I, uh, I gotta go...kill something...*starts up DOOM* HEHEHEH >;D

This is a must-have for any TRUE shooter-game fan.