Transformers, The: Mystery of Comvoy

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Reviewer: Andrew Date: Aug 21, 2001
Transformers had apparently become popular enough in Japan at one point to warrant a licensed, Japanese-only game. But like
any forgotten NES game, it had at least one fatal flaw. In this instance, it's overall challenge was far too high.

In Transformers Combo, you play the game as Optimus Prime, a large robot that can transform into a semi truck (which appears in
the game), and you must fight your way past the forces of Mega Tron. You fight planes, ground-bound tanks, etc. but mostly
planes in a side-scrolling action game. Normally this would be a pretty good premise, but the good side ends there. The slightest
touch of a plane, a plane's pilot, or anything else besides the ground will kill you and send you back to the beginning. The plain
levels (just a flat stretch of land), and constantly attacking (1+ onscreen at any time) enemies make this experience a major pain.
But hey, at least you can still turn into a truck. It just makes you a bigger target and causes your shots to fly upward rather than
forward, but it's pretty cool.

The visuals aren't too bad, considering the game's age. Optimus still resembles his big bad-ass robot self, and the jets and other
baddies are fairly impressive as well. The black-sky-and-green-grass background, while not particularly detailed, does its job.

The Audio is pretty average fare, the best of it being the Transformers theme whenever you begin a round (which is followed by a
very high-pitched screech). Various blips and bleeps result firing bullets and explosions, and the remaining few music tracks
enhance the mood of the game.

It's very difficult to get farther than four screens in this game without being literally blown to bits by a stray bullet, plane, or suicidal
guy that's just below your gun's reach.

Well, if you're a devoted Transformers fan and you have the patience and skill to overcome the game's sharp difficulty level, you
may have some fun with it. Others will probably get frustrated after a few rounds.

An extremely difficult action game for the NES that requires incredible skill and patience. If you're a Transformers fan and absolutely
must have every bit of merchandise ever made, you may want to check this out. Others will probably want to avoid it.