Track & Field II

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Reviewer: William Date: Sep 16, 2003
A kinda follow up to the superb arcade game track and field, this sports "simulation" includes fencing, triple jump (hop, skip and jump for us in the UK!), swimming, high dive, clay pigeon shooting, taekwondo, pole vault, caneoing, archery, hurdles and horizontal bar. In addition, the Vs mode has arm wrestling (a track and field event?). The game can be played single, two player or vs.

Graphics: 10
The graphics are absolutely superb. The huge sprites are colourful and detailed with excellent animation, the backgrounds are excellent too. Probably the best graphics I've seen on the NES. Much better than T&F1, these are arcade quality graphics, which look good even today!

Sound: 10
Sound is superb, great tunes, crowd noises and speech

Gameplay: 8
Mixed bag: the programmers have tried to steer away from the button bashing of most sports games, and the range of sports is excellent. Overall though this is superb, and the training mode allows you to compete in your favourite sports. Beating your personal best gives this game that one more go quality.

Overall: 9
Brilliant graphics and sound and great gameplay. A winner!

If you havn't tried this game, or you think sports sims are not your cup of tea, then have a go at this. They don't make them like this anymore!