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Reviewer: Dr. Rasmussen T. Finsdale Date: Aug 14, 2003
Battletoads is a game that, in my opinion, always played second fiddle to the greats such as the TMNT series. If you were to compare this game with those however, you would find this game is one of the best games ever created. Period. Not only is it funny but it is so hard that you want to scream with joy if you beat the third level!!

Graphics: 8
The first few levels leave somthing to be desired graphic-wise but the later levels seem to do a little better. THIS IS AN NES GAME FOLKS NOT A GAMECUBE GAME!!!

Sound: 10
I can't help it I love the music in this game!!! Especially the first level. If you don't do it for any other reason just play this game to hear the music!!

Gameplay: 10
The part about this game that makes it stand out from almost all other games is it's variety of play. C'mon how many other games has you riding speed bikes, fighting stuff while descending down a cavern surfing, and flying planes??!? Hardly any!

Overall: 10
On a scale of one to ten this game actually deserves an eleven. If you're like me you want to find a game that almost no other game these days has..... challenge. I've never actually beat this game. To tell you the truth I haven't even beat the sixth level. But that is just a testimony to the sheer genius in this game. And if it isn't hard enough just get someone to play with you which is twice as hard as one player mode.

Look for more of my reviews in the future.


Reviewer: Mike Sawicki Date: Oct 3, 2001
Battletoads was the game I was looking forward to when it first came out. I got this game back in the day and my god was the game the bomb! This is indeed one very challenging game featuring 12 levels of action. The first 2 levels I remembered were 'teasers' being they were too easy and anyone could get past them. Level 3 was simple then came the point that seperated gamers from wimps, the turbo bikes, man did this take a lot of practice to beat! I've done it a few times without dying but my god, especialy the last strecth (FAST!!!). I remember this game taking me a long time to beat, I like that since it increses play back value by much. I've recently played this game again and can get pretty far, the 11th level (lost my skill on that one). The story line is interesting especially when that dark queen rips on you the whole way. Only 3 continues makes this game even worse. For those newbies find on the internet a game genie code that gives you infinite lives (I got my practice that way). The only flawed device this game has is 2 player mode, geez it's damn near impossible unless both of you are experts. Get this game if you never played it!!!