Zombie Hunter

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Reviewer: XanderWolf Date: Nov 4, 2005
I was just messing around with some games I had never played when I tried this one. 3 hours later... Yeah... this game deserves a review.

Graphics: 5
The graphics aren't the best. The backgrounds all look like they were made in MS Paint at the last minute. The main character attacks with different swords, magic staves, fire magic etc, but the main graphic of your character never changes, even when the weapon looks nothing like a sword. There are about 20 different enemies that are just colored differently as you progress through the game.

Sound: 3
Turn off the sound, and turn on your Winamp player. Seriously. Just trust me on this one. Thats what I did. This game is even more fun if you have some death metal in the background.

Gameplay: 8
Aside from the graphics and the sound, this game is really fun. It's a very simplistic engine, and slightly repetative, but worth your time. It's basically a very simple RPG. You gain exp form each monster you kill and level up. Some enemies drop food for health (popsicles!) or better weapons/armor/magic rings/keys. Its a lot of jumping and sword swinging but its definately a gem in the rough.

Overall: 7
Im giving it a good overall score because it kept me entertained for three hours straight. Not many games can do that for me these days, and this old classic managed to, so yeah.

If you havent already, try this game. Its a lot of fun if you have nothing better to do.