Zombie Nation

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Reviewer: Whimsy Date: Dec 15, 2001
Image this: A game like non other! A game which is uniqe in most aspects. A game with a plot that is so new, so avant garde that others call it strange. This game is Zombie Nation! In no other game can you be a head that attacts homosexual 90 year-olds! All of this is, and more, can be found in Zombie Nation!

Graphics: 10
At first, the graphics may seem a little bland, but thats all part of the art hidden within. This becomes evendent when you see the Japaniese version of the statue of Librety! Unlike the real one, this one has snakes on it's head!

Also, the palatte seems limited at first, but after considering the options, I too would use orange and white for a floating samuri head. Think for a second: Black lines would make the head less... deep.

Sound: 8
You can puke and fire eyeballs. You make sounds accordingly. The NES had hardware that would prevent the replication of the various oriface sounds, so they sound a little bland. When I rated this, I considered this, and added this to my score.

Gameplay: 7
Movement is the worst part of this classic, as it seems jerky at times. Also, with the scren averaging 30000 enemies, the action gets too intense. I need a break at times just playiing.

Overall: 9
This game was badly marketed. It is, in itself, a wonderful pile of hard work. The whole thing about a floating decapitated head makes it SEEM cooler, and besides, it makes me just want to play on to defeat Darc Seed. GAME ON!

In the above, I vaguely made a referance to homosecual 90 year olds. I mean no offence by that comment; he really was! If you can get yourself to remain patient enough to see him, in his naked (he wears a diper) glory, you will agree.


Reviewer: Dan Date: Oct 15, 2001
Zombie Nation, to the uninititated this may conjure up images of a Resident Evil like landscape of undead looking for brains, but to those in the know, we see a giant samuri head blowing up building to save America from aliens. Confused? Play the game, it will make even less sense.

You could say you've seen worse, on the atari. Choppy, buggy, two color palettes, these are some of the worst. It really makes it hard to tell what can hurt you, what's background, and well... what's anything? Suffice it to say that they are really bad.

Very little, and what's there is bad too. It seriously looks and sounds like the developers threw this together in a week.

You float around and blast buldings with your fiery breath. It's sort of reminecent of Rampage, except not as good... at all. Take the most generic shmup you know and remove and thing sort of good or innovative about it... what you have left will look strikingly like Zombie Nation.

I know what you're thinking. He just thrashed this game in every way, and yet a 10 overall? That must have been a mistake. Nope. This game is like Plan 9 From Outer Space, it's so thuroughly bad that is is awesome. It is definately the weirdest nes game ever made. Just read the backstory, an alien steals a magic sword, so a diembodied samuri head arises from it's grave and sets off to America to save the world. How can you go wrong? This game is so bizzare that it definatly is a must play for every true gamer. The centipedes, they're eating they're own young, enjoy.


Reviewer: phrozenflame Date: Aug 1, 2001
No kidding. This is without a doubt the most crack-induced game ever made since Super Mario Bros. 2. I still curl up into a fetal position and rock back and forth to this day when the words ""Zombie Nation"" escape the lips of any mammal, reptile, or otherwise.

Play only if you are prepared for the years of mental damage and possible retinal damage it may induce.



Reviewer: kamquatzero Date: Jul 11, 2001
Absolutly the weirdest game I have ever played.

You take on the role of a floating head of a dead samuri and come to America to save an ancient sword from aliens by devastating towns with your fiery breath. Just download it and see.