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Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum

Players 1
Year 1989
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PublisherData East
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Overall6.75  (4 votes)  

Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum (USA).nes
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Verified 2021-06-03

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Official Game Genie Codes
SZVPTOVKCan't lose lives in rooms
SZUPLOVKCan't lose lives in elevator shaft
PENPIALAStart with 1 life
TENPIALAStart with 6 lives
PENPIALEStart with 9 lives
NYSXAOANOxygen used up more slowly in shaft
AYXXSNNYOxygen used up more quickly in rooms
AAEPZIPAWon't take damage from shots and collisions
VTNSEXSXInfinite bombs in elevator shaft
VVVSXXSXInfinite bombs in rooms
VVOSSXSXInfinite detonators in shafts
VTESNUSXInfinite detonators in rooms
VTEZIKSXInfinite keys in shafts
VVOXTOSXInfinite keys in rooms
OZEPOISE + IAEPXSVIStart on level 5
OZEPOISE + ZAEPXSVSStart on level 10
OZEPOISE + YAEPXSVSStart on level 15
OZEPOISE + GPEPXSVIStart on level 20