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Adventures of Dino Riki

Players 1
Year 1989
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PublisherHudson Soft
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Overall7.09  (11 votes)  

Adventures of Dino Riki (USA).nes
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Official Game Genie Codes
SZEETTVGStart with infinite lives
AESEPGZAStart with 1 life
IESEPGZAStart with 6 lives
AESEPGZEStart with 9 lives
SZUENZVGStart with infinite life hearts
GESEIGZAStart with 4 life hearts
AESEIGZEStart with 8 life hearts
VKEAPISAStart Macho (big), stay Macho
VVEAPISAStart as Macho-Riki
IEVASPIGOnce Macho, stay Macho
TKSAAGSA + ZEKEIGAAStart on stage 2-1
TKSAAGSA + GEKEIGAAStart on stage 3-1
TKSAAGSA + TEKEIGAAStart on stage 4-1
TKSAAGSA + AEKEIGAEStart on stage 4-2
TKSAAGSA + ZEKEIGAEStart on stage 4-3
TKSAAGSA + GEKEIGAEStart on stage 4-4