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Die Hard

Players 1
Year 1991
Cart size 256 KB
File size 124 KB
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Die Hard (USA).nes
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Official Game Genie Codes
SXEZTYSALose no life points when shot with pistol
SXOZIYSALose no life points when shot with submachine gun
SXXZLYSALose no life points when punched
PEOKIPAPStart with 1 life point instead of 16
ZEOKIPAPStart with 2 life points
GEOKIPAPStart with 4 life points
AEOKIPAOStart with 8 life point
GEOKIPAOStart with 12 life points
GOOKIPAPStart with 20 life points
SXOYYUSELose foot health very slowly
AEXGPOYAStart with no pistol shots instead of 15
IEXGPOYAStart with 5 pistol shots
ZEXGPOYEStart with 10 pistol shots
GOXGPOYAStart with 20 pistol shots
POXGPOYEStart with 25 pistol shots
ATNALXVGInfinite pistol shots
ATNEIXVGInfinite submachine gun shots
ATVEIZSZInfinite shots on all guns
ENUYPOGLRun timer down at 1/4 normal speed
KUUYPOGLRun timer down at 1/3 normal speed
ANUYPOGURun timer down at 1/2 normal speed
TOUYPOGURun timer down at 2x normal speed
GOUYPOGLRun timer down at 3x normal speed
YEUYPOGURun timer down at 4x normal speed
AVUNGPSZFreeze timer