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Dragon Warrior II

Players 1
Year 1990
Cart size 256 KB
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Overall8.83  (35 votes)  

Dragon Warrior II (USA).nes
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Verified 2020-07-15

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Official Game Genie Codes
Prince of Midenhall
ZUKLUSGPStart with 50 hit points
LVKLUSGPStart with 99 hit points
AXKLOIIEStart with 40 strength points
ASKLOIIAStart with 80 strength points
AXKLXIGEStart with 40 agility points
ASKLXIGAStart with 80 agility points
Prince of Cannock
ZUKLNSYPStart with 50 hit points
LVKLNSYPStart with 99 hit points
AXKLSIGEStart with 40 strength points
GUKLSIGEStart with 60 strength points
TOKLVIGEStart with 30 agility points
GUKLVIGEStart with 60 agility points
AXKUEITEStart with 40 magic points
GUKUEITEStart with 60 magic points
Princess of Moonbrooke
ZUKUUIAZStart with 50 hit points
LVKUUIAZStart with 99 hit points
POKUOIZEStart with 25 strength points
ZUKUOIZAStart with 50 strength points
AXKUXITOStart with 40 agility points
AXKUKSGOStart with 40 magic points