Final Fantasy

Players 1
Year 1990
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Serial #NES-FF-USA

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Final Fantasy (USA).nes
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Official Game Genie Codes
SZULIEVS"LIFE" Spell never uses up Magic Points
SZVULEVS"LIF2" Spell never uses up Magic Points
TESGTYZAMagic Users start with 6 Magic Points
PESGTYZEMagic Users start with 9 Magic Points
ELEXVLEY + AESGANGA + AESGGNAANon-magic users can use Level 1 Magic
AZOUGAEP + LAOUIAPAStart with 800 Gold
GXSZPKSV + GXSXZKSVAlmost infinite Gold
Enter the rest of the codes at the start of the game.
TGKLPALZDouble Fighter Hit Points
GPKUAEZADouble Fighter's Hit
ZTKUPAIUDouble Fighter's Evade
ZAKLTAIEDouble Fighter's Luck
GLSLPETODouble Thief's Hit Points
TASLYAZATriple Thief's Damage
ZASUAAIEDouble Thief's Hit
GYSUPEZLDouble Thief's Evade
TPSLTEYEDouble Thief's Luck
ZGVLPAPZDouble Black Belt's Hit Points
TAVLYAZATriple Black Belt's Damage
ZAVUAAIEDouble Black Belt's Hit
ZTVUPAIUDouble Black Belt's Evade
ZAVLTAIEDouble Black Belt's Luck
GLNLPETODouble Red Mage's Hit Points
ZANLYAIEDouble Red Mage's Damage
TANUAAYEDouble Red Mage's Hit
GYNUPEZLDouble Red Mage's Evade
ZANLTAIEDouble Red Mage's Luck
AUELPEGODouble White Mage's Hit Points
TEELYAZATriple White Mage's Damage
ZEEUAAIEDouble White Mage's Hit
ZVEUPAIUDouble White Mage's Evade
ZEELTAIEDouble White Mage's Luck
ZUOLPEPPDouble Black Mage's Hit Points
LEOLYAPATriple Black Mage's Damage
ZEOUAAIEDouble Black Mage's Hit
GNOUPEZLDouble Black Mage's Evade
GOOLTEZADouble Black Mage's Luck