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Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

Players 1
Year 1990
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Overall7.73  (22 votes)  

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (USA).nes
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Verified 2019-10-01

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Official Game Genie Codes
LAKUTGTA'Life' costs less
GAKUTGTE'Life' costs more
GAKUYKAA'Freeze' costs less
YAKUYKAE'Freeze' costs more
IASLAKZA'Invincible' costs less
GPSLAKZA'Invincible' costs more
TASLPKGA'Life Up' costs less
APSLPKGE'Life Up' costs more
PEVEIALAStart with 1 life
TEVEIALAStart with 6 lives
PEVEIALEStart with 9 lives
SXKYUOVKNever lose a life in 'attractions'
NYKULZKUMore 'Freeze' time
AGKULZKLLess 'Freeze' time
EGSUYXGLMore 'Invincible' time
SZSTGVVKInfinite candles
SXKYUOVKInfinite lives
PAVAZPLAStart with less energy in attractions
IAVAZPLAStart with more energy in attractions
PAVAZPLEStart with even more energy in attractions
SXXNXPVGAlmost infinite energy in attractions
SZSTGVVKInfinite candles
GXELLXSN + AAXUAXGYAll items for free!