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Low G Man

Players 1
Year 1990
Cart size 256 KB
File size 129 KB
Serial #NES-L7-USA

Overall8  (12 votes)  

Low G Man - The Low Gravity Man (USA).nes
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Verified 2019-07-06

129 KB
129 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
PEXIZTLAStart with 1 life
TEXIZTLAStart with 6 lives
PEXIZTLEStart with 9 lives
PEOSKALA1 life after continue
TEOSKALA6 lives after continue
PEOSKALE9 lives after continue
SZNIEEVKInfinite lives
GZKINOVKStop timer
SZVSKOVKVehicle fuel never runs out
AAEZATZEFull energy gained from capsules
PAEZATZALess energy gained from capsules
LAVSKAPAFull EMDP on a new life
ZAVIKAAAFull AGM on a new life
ZEOZZTLEPick up 10 boomerangs
ZAVXGTLEPick up 10 fireballs
ZEUXATLEPick up 10 bombs
ZESXTTLEPick up 10 waves