Super Mario Bros. 3

Players 2 Simultaneous
Year 1988

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Super Mario Bros. 3 (USA).nes
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Download, box art, and screen shots unavailable at the request of Nintendo of America

Official Game Genie Codes
All codes (except as noted) work for Luigi as well as Mario.
SLXPLOVSInfinite lives for Mario and Luigi
AEKPTZGA1 life for Mario and Luigi after continue
AEKPTZGE9 lives for Mario and Luigi after continue
EZKZYVEKSuper Power Jumps
EAKZYVEKMega Power Jumps
With the next code, if you let MArio or Luigi drop too long, you can't sky walk until you touch the ground again
OXKZELSXSuper speed running
XVUXNUEETurbocharged running
You must be Raccoon Mario for the next code to work
AANZKLLACan raise power meter while standing still so that you can fly from a standing start
PEUZUGAAStart on World 2
ZEUZUGAAStart on World 3
LEUZUGAAStart on World 4
GEUZUGAAStart on World 5
IEUZUGAAStart on World 6
TEUZUGAAStart on World 7
YEUZUGAAStart on World 8
YPXXLVGEMario (not Luigi) can re-use items again and again
SZUEXNSORestore powers after playing an action scene (e.g. if you were "Fire Mario" on the map screen, then entered an action scene, died or changed to "Frog Mario,"you would return to the map scene as "Fire Mario")
ZEUXKGAAStart the game as Fire Mario
LEUXKGAAStart the game as Raccoon Mario
GEUXKGAAStart the game as Frog Mario
IEUXKGAAStart the game as Tanooki Mario
TEUXKGAAStart the game as 'Sledgehammer' Mario!
If you use any of the next five codes to defeat Bowser, stand in front of the door and hold "Up". as soon as the door opens, you will pass through into the chamber where the Princess is held. If you don't do this, you may get caught in Bowser's time trap
XUKXGLIEStart and stay as Super Mario
UXKXGLIAStart and stay as Fire Mario
NXKXGLIEStart and stay as Raccoon Mario
OUKXGLIEStart and stay as Frog Mario
XNKXGLIEStart and stay as Sledgehammer Mario
SZKIKXSEInvincibility after changing up from Super Mario (e.g. to Raccoon, Frog, etc.)
With all of the following codes, you will find that you change into Super Mario if you die again:
AEOSSZPA + PAOZTGAAChange to Super Mario if you fall off screen and die
AEOSSZPA + ZAOZTGAAChange to Fire Mario if you fall off screen and die
AEOSSZPA + LAOZTGAAChange to Raccoon Mario if you fall off screen and die
AEOSSZPA + GAOZTGAAChange to Frog Mario if you fall off screen and die
AEOSSZPA + IAOZTGAAChange to Tanooki Mario if you fall off screen and die
AEOSSZPA + TAOZTGAAChange to Sledgehammer Mario if you fall off screen and die