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Untouchables, The

Players 1
Year 1990
Cart size 256 KB
File size 108 KB
Serial #NES-U6-USA

Overall5.6  (5 votes)  

Untouchables, The (USA) (Rev 2).nes
CRC 20C795EB
Verified 2019-06-16

108 KB
108 KB

Official Game Genie Codes
AAXKTEGAStart on scene 2
ZAXKTEGAStart on scene 3
GAXKTEGAStart on scene 4
TAXKTEGAStart on scene 5
ZAXKTEGEStart on scene 7
SXUAZGVGInfinite time on scenes 1 and 4
GEXELPZAMore time on scene 1
PEXELPZALess time on scene 1
TAXELAGAMore time on scene 2
ZAXELAGALess time on scene 2
TAXEYAGAMore time on scene 3
ZAXEYAGALess time on scene 3
TAXAPAIAMore time on scene 5
LAXAPAIALess time on scene 5
ZAOEAAPAMore time on scene 7
SLOEAGVIInfinite energy on scenes 1 and 4 only
SXKAATVGInfinite energy on scene 2 only
AZNETGAPMore ammo picked up on scene 2
IANETGAPLess ammo picked up on scene 2
PAOEGATEMore ammo picked up on scene 7