NES The Vault
TitlePlayersYearPublisherCart Size
Race America21991Absolute Entertainment2567.6
Racket Attack  Read the manual21988Jaleco Entertainment5124.8
Rad Racer  Read the manual11987Nintendo1284.8
Rad Racer 211990SquareSoft1282.8
Rad Racket: Deluxe Tennis II  U21991647.2
Raging Fire: Recca  T120022566.6
Raid 2020  U119891286.0
Raid on Bungeling Bay  Read the manual11987Hudson Soft645.0
Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 211991Taito Corporation1289.8
Rainbow Silkroad  T119993846.9
Rally Bike  Read the manual21990Romstar1287.3
Rampage  Read the manual21988Data East1929.7
Rampart  Read the manual21991Jaleco Entertainment2568.5
RBI Baseball21987968.3
RBI Baseball  U  Read the manual21987968.8
RBI Baseball 2  U  Read the manual219902568.1
RBI Baseball 3  U219911928.4
RC Pro Am Racing  Read the manual11989Nintendo649.2
RC Pro Am Racing 241992Tradewest2569.3
Remote Control21990Hi Tech Expressions2565.5
Ren & Stimpy Show, The11993THQ2569.1
Renegade  Read the manual21987Taito Corporation1287.4
Rescue: The Embassy Mission  Read the manual11989Kemco2567.2
Riki Kunio  T419982568.3
Ring King  Read the manual21987Data East USA1288.8
River City Ransom  Read the manual21990Technos2569.7
Road Runner  U119891927.6
RoadBlasters  Read the manual11989Mindscape Inc.2569.7
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves  Read the manual11991Virgin Interactive2569.0
Robo Warrior11988Jaleco Entertainment1287.2
RoboCop  Read the manual11989Data East2568.1
RoboCop 221990Data East2568.8
RoboCop 3  Read the manual11992Ocean2566.5
Robodemons  U119901286.1
Rock 'n Ball41989NTVIC1926.2
Rocket Ranger  Read the manual11990Kemco2564.3
Rocketeer, The11991Bandai America Inc.2566.0
Rockin' Kats11991ATLUS2568.3
Rockman 2: Dr. Wily's Riddle  T120002568.4
Roger Clemens MVP Baseball  Read the manual21991LJN Ltd.3847.3
Rollerblade Racer11993Hi Tech Expressions2565.0
Rolling Thunder  U  Read the manual119892568.2
Romance of the Three Kingdoms  Read the manual81989Koei2567.6
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II121990Koei5126.1
Roundball: 2-on-2 Challenge41992Mindscape Inc.2566.3
Rush'n Attack21987Konami1287.7
Rygar  Read the manual11987Tecmo1288.6