Saturn Bomberman (1S)1.003-19977.7
Scorcher (RE)2.0-19976.0
Scud: The Disposable Assassin1.015-19976.3
Sega Ages Volume 11.001-19978.0
Sega Rally Championship1.006-19957.9
Sega Rally Championship Plus Netlink Edition1.001-199810.0
Sega Saturn Bootleg II: On the Road1.002-1996none
Sega Saturn Choice Cuts (R2)2.0-none
Sega Saturn Choice Cuts (RE)1.0-none
Sega Screams Volume 22.0-none
Sega Touring Car Championship1.001-19977.8
Sega Worldwide Soccer '971.001-1996none
Shanghai: Triple-Threat1.002-1995none
Shining Force III1.001-19987.2
Shining the Holy Ark1.003-19977.2
Shining Wisdom1.0-19967.0
Shinobi Legions1.0-19959.3
Shockwave Assault1.0-199610.0
SimCity 20001.401-199510.0
Skeleton Warriors1.001-19967.0
Sky Target1.003-19978.0
Slam 'n Jam '96 featuring Magic & Kareem: Signature Edition1.0-19965.5
Solar Eclipse (2S)1.0-19958.8
Sonic 3D Blast1.0-19966.8
Sonic Jam1.004-19977.1
Sonic R1.0-19977.1
Soviet Strike1.0-19969.5
Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels1.0-19966.7
Space Jam1.0-1996none
Spot Goes to Hollywood1.0-19969.5
Star Fighter1.001-19966.0
Steep Slope Sliders1.0-19977.0
Street Fighter Alpha 21.0-19969.1
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams1.0-199610.0
Street Fighter Collection1.0-19979.9
Street Fighter: The Movie1.003-19956.2
Striker 961.002-1996none
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo1.001-19979.0

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